Carton Sonore

Animago « … Carton Sonore has this magical mouth, tongue, lips and a musical brain to arrange and create things that is not only a very personal output; it is also a very good one. »
Yeah I Know It Sucks

Animago « The on-line album’s 11 tracks vaguely resemble everything from Gregorian chants to beatboxing to The Beach Boys (sometimes simultaneously), but really, it feels like a whole new musical vocabulary opening up. »
Music For Maniacs

Mini Orchestre Pour Daniel Johnston « France’s super-swell toy-pop maestro Carton Sonore remixed acapella tracks from one of outsider music’s founding texts, Daniel Johnson’s « Hi, How Are You? » album, adding his trademark ukulele/musical saw/ocarina sound. Only complaint: too short! More, s’il vous plait. »
Music For Maniacs

Polvo « …while still noisy it is very far from hardcore. It is minimalistic and ambient, with light Casio and microphone sounds that aren’t easy to describe. Just hear it and feel funny. »

Modarn « il musicista francese ha realizzato qualcosa che potremmo definire “estremo”. Ventisei brevissime composizioni che possono essere suonate random: è l’ascoltatore che guida la composizione. »
Son Of Marketing

Kind Regards from the Land of Wander « …si on se laisse d’abord agréablement porter par l’ensemble, on finit par être – sincèrement – touché par cette émotion fragile et profonde qui émane des compositions. »
À Découvrir Absolument

Kind Regards from the Land of Wander « …l’univers de Carton Sonore est un instantané cousu main, un cours de bricolage inventif, ou une recette de cuisine au goût fruité. »
Foutraque / Abus Dangereux (#128)

Kind Regards from the Land of Wander « C’est de la musique de chambre mais en bordel, faite de brics et de brocs vibrants, qui s’agencent de manière étonnamment harmonieuse. »

Kind Regards from the Land of Wander « La voix elle aussi, donc, se pare d’une folie bridée et épice, en même temps qu’elle les drape de douceur, les créations d’un artiste capable, avec de tels ouvrages, d’insuffler une bonne bouffée d’air frais dans notre paysage musical. »

Kind Regards from the Land of Wander « Comme sur un manège, après un tour on est accro de cette rythmique sautillante et ses mélodies joueuses. »
Un Disque Un Jour

Kind Regards from the Land of Wander « Un indispensable pour pénétrer un univers ensoleillé et profondément humain. »
Longueur d’Ondes

Lullabies From Outer-Space « …in the hands of France’s master of toy-and naive-pop, Carton Sonore, the Casio is not used as a joke, or for ’80s nostalgia, but is overdubbed into an orchestra of widely varying moods and textures. »
Music For Maniacs

Lullabies From Outer-Space « …un suono che si dirige verso territori elettronici e folk con un’elevata attitudine sperimentale. »
Son Of Marketing

Petits Thèmes #3 « For basically, it sounds like what a country carnival would have for music in the delightful place on Earth. »

Petits Thèmes #1 « Let Petite Themes 1 be the score to an unmade Charlie Kaufman film in your head. I can’t recommend it highly enough. »
Playboys With Hunchbacks


Carton Sonore & Broken Jokes

Sleeping Water « …the tracks are instrumental other than some vocal sounds that are sampled and altered in an artful fashion. Reminds one of a Hawk and a Hacksaw, especially the more striped down first album. »


Monster Surprise

Chhh… « …um bom disco pop que nos permite dois extras: uma eloquente pausa da hegemonia do Inglês e da nossa língua materna e recordarmos ou confirmarmos que a França não estagnou na clássica chanson e, mesmo em Francês, partiu da renovação daquela (celebrizada por Gainsbourg) para a integração nas principais tendências contemporâneas da pop, das quais a alternativa lo-fi psicadélica de Monster Surprise é um bom exemplo. »
Tracker Magazine

Chhh… « …it’s a masterpiece of quirky pop stylings, sub-psychedelic playfulness and brilliantly idiosyncratic instrumentation. »
Unwashed Territories

Chhh… « It’s an album of staggering reinvention, reinterpretation and brave, new experimentation… »
Anthem Review

Chhh… « Rock altamente distorsionado, altamente experimental y altamente tendiente a crear melodías que se te quedan en la cabeza por lo curiosas y psicodélicas que llegan a ser »
Revista Morbífica

Joie « I wasn’t expecting to be so enamored with these two short songs. Both of these tracks are out there and in markedly different ways. Manège is very brief and jaunty, while Le Sens Contraire Des Aiguilles Du Monstre is rather ethereal and experimental. Fine work all the way around. »

Hiii! « Monster Surprise makes psych-pop with an almost creepy vibe that unsettles as much as it entertains at times, but it is overall a charming EP that has some well written tunes dressed up with oddness. »


Paul & Pierre

Eggs Benedict With Mr.Wu On The Seahorse Monorail « Acoustic instruments like musical saw and mandolin meet Casio-tronics to realize sea shanty-like sing-alongs replete with fantastical imagery. Well written, wonderfully evocative, effortlessly enjoyable. »
Music For Maniacs

Eggs Benedict With Mr.Wu On The Seahorse Monorail « Un’opera surrealistica che si riflette nella linea stilistica che ripercorre una sorta di weird-folk. »
Son Of Marketing

Eggs Benedict With Mr.Wu On The Seahorse Monorail « Both of these guys are releasing five star albums on their own, but somehow the collaboration is just a perfect amalgamation of two very different styles. God knows how they hooked up, but thank god they did. »
Playboys With Hunchbacks