Carton Sonore

Carton Sonore bandIn need of instantaneous compositions, Carton Sonore was born in 2008 as a kind of sketchbook solo project before evolving freely. Carton Sonore plays with his own home-orchestra collecting various sounds: acoustic guitar, charango, saz, musical saw, melodica, ocarina, improvised percussions, casios…
A band version of the project including members of Nit, Kawaii, GNG and In Bear Suits, appeared in parallel in 2009 and released an album in 2013.

Du besoin de faire de la musique instantanément, Carton Sonore est né en 2008 comme une sorte de projet solo carnet de croquis avant d’évoluer librement. Carton Sonore joue avec son propre orchestre-maison cumulant différents sons : guitare acoustique, charango, saz, scie musicale, ocarina, percussions improvisées, casios…
Une version groupe incluant des membres de Nit, GNG, Kawaii et In Bear Suits est apparue en parallèle en 2009 et a sorti un album en 2013.

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2 tracks,
released August 1, 2016


11 tracks, released May 2, 2016

Je Me Suis Un Peu Perdu Mais Je Vais Me Réveiller

2 tracks,
released December 2, 2015

Chansons Post-Noix

5 tracks,
released August 28, 2015

The Futuristic Sound Of Folk Music

4 tracks,
released April 7, 2015

Trompe Les Mondes

6 tracks,
released January 31, 2015

Mini Orchestre Pour Daniel Johnston

3 tracks,
released December 17, 2014


2 tracks,
released October 14, 2014


26 tracks,
released April 27, 2014

Kind Regards from the Land of Wander

10 tracks,
released May 15, 2013

Oídos Calientitos

3 tracks,
released April 20, 2014

Lullabies From Outer​-​Space

20 tracks,
released March 20, 2013


6/22 tracks,
released January 1, 2012

Petits Thèmes #3

10 tracks,
released July 30, 2011

Petits Thèmes #2

10 tracks,
released May 15, 2010

Petits Thèmes #1

10 tracks,
released June 16, 2009


5 tracks,
released February 1, 2009

La B.O. De Ton Goûter

8 tracks,
released July 1, 2008